Blog lazycat

I’ve never really been one to have a day of doing nothing. I always promise myself that I’m going to sit on the sofa in my pyjamas and watch TV all day, but I get bored and feel like I’m wasting the day, so I end up out and about, visiting friends and family, going shopping, or heading off on a magical mystery tour with my fiancé.

This Sunday I had a hospital appointment slap bang in the middle of the day, so I promised myself that either side of that appointment I would be sitting, in my pyjamas, preferably in bed, doing nothing.

On the rare occasions I have done this in the past, it has always felt like I’ve given myself license to eat whatever I like. I would go to the cupboard and head back to bed with a pack of biscuits or a family bag of chocolate buttons to graze on, and somehow this always seemed normal. This Sunday I spent just watching TV, with no temptation to indulge in food; I simply wanted to spend some time relaxing and doing absolutely nothing.

As you can see from the picture above, my cat was overjoyed at this decision, and spent most of the day laying on me sleeping!


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