Blog eatin out

It was my fiancé’s cousin’s birthday, so in true family tradition, it was decided a celebratory meal was in order. Thinking we were heading to my mother-in-laws for dinner, I arrived without thinking too much about what was on the menu.

When it was put to a vote, and the majority ruled in favour of heading down to the local Indian restaurant for a curry, I was surprised to find I didn’t have that nervous feeling in my stomach, that feeling of panic that I might be faced with overwhelming temptation to overindulge and ruin all my good work so far. That feeling didn’t come, and I felt very happy that I was able to deal with this sudden change in the plan without having a melt down.

When you are dieting, it can become very regimented. As I’ve mentioned before, I have my packs at certain times of the day when I’m at work, because that is the way I feel in control of what I’m doing. When things are out of your control it can send you into a spin, and this has happened to me on more than one occasion. But not this time. This time I felt completely confident in myself and the decisions I was going to make.

It felt completely natural to order my low calorie meal, I didn’t feel the urge to sneak a naan bread or creamy sauce in, and to add to my already elated mood from my 4lb loss this week, I was complimented several times throughout the evening at how great I looked. I felt awesome!


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