Blog Cold

I have spent most of this weekend in bed or curled up in the foetal position on my sofa with a horrible headache and rotten cold.

As you’ve gathered from previous posts, I’m a very grumpy patient, so although I’ve managed to deal with my emotional eating as far as celebrations and commiserations are concerned, I still struggle when it comes to comfort eating due to illness.Feed a cold is the old saying, and as much as I don’t agree with the statement, it’s one that I really do struggle to disobey.

The weekend was a bit wobbly in places, but today was the worst. I got up feeling groggy and pretty unable to focus my eyes due to a splitting headache, but I headed to work in the hope that work would take my mind off being ill. It didn’t. I ended up at home tucked up in bed a few hours later, and I’d already consumed my breakfast shake and chocolate truffle bar in this short space of time.

I felt hungry, and usually I would think this through and realise that I wasn’t really hungry, it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But this time I didn’t, I just went along with it. I ate ice cream to sooth my sore throat, and I drank Lucozade to boost my energy levels. Of course these are just quick fixes, but feeling run down, achy and full of cold, my mind wasn’t up to my usual mental discussion before making these decisions. I fully accept the fact that I will have put on weight this week, but I also fully intend to move on with my goals firmly in sight, and hopefully see the back of this horrendous cold.


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