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Today’s coaching session was about Misery & Joy. I have felt both of these emotions today – misery because I have gained 1lb (no surprise there) and joy that I no longer have a splitting headache and my cold seems to be gradually easing. But that is not what today’s session was about.

Misery & Joy are two separate lists – the misery list is all the things you dislike or disliked about being overweight, and the joy list is what you like about being slimmer and losing weight. As you can imagine, my misery list was pretty extensive – feeling ill and lethargic, aches and pains, feeling ugly, wearing horrible baggy clothes, low self-esteem, and the list goes on.

It was surprising to me that several of my group members had the same answers as me, and for me looking at them, it’s hard for me to see how they would feel that way about themselves. Then I realised that they were probably thinking the same thing about me. As my coach always says, we all find it easier to be kind about others that to be kind to ourselves. She asked us if we could cross any of those feelings off our lists now that we have lost weight, and to my surprise I found that I could tick off a lot of my list, because I genuinely felt differently about myself now.

I found myself smiling as I filled out my Joy list, noting how I now fit into smaller sized clothes, which means I have a wider variety to choose from, and the fact that I feel happier about my body, and have a clearer understanding of how my own mind works. I realised that I do feel more confident about myself, I feel happier and healthier than I have in years. These two lists are a visual representation of the beginning of my weight loss journey, and the point where I am now. It shows very clearly how far I have come, and it also makes me feel excited to see what I will add to my Joy list in the future.


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