Blog 9lbs

I knew I had lost weight this week, but I wasn’t prepared to see that amazing -9lb that my coach wrote on my card with a smile on her face!

I was stunned, but absolutely thrilled at the same time. My group members were full of congratulations, and it was soon apparent that everyone had lost weight or stayed the same this week. The room was full of positive energy and it felt really great.

Since last week’s weigh in, a friend from group and I have become ‘diet buddies’ to try and keep each other motivated and focussed. It was her e-mail last week that really made sense to me and I think sparked a realisation that helped me to achieve such an amazing weight loss this week.

She told me about her epiphany in the shower one morning – she felt deflated that she wasn’t keeping focussed on the plan, same as me, until her light bulb moment made her realise that the sooner she reached her goal, the better she would feel about herself.

Sometimes it really is as simple as reminding yourself why you are following the plan that gives you the motivation to continue. And I also believe that reminding yourself how far you have come and the weight loss you have achieved can motivate you to persevere.

I know it did for me, and I’ve now lost 3st 10lb in total. I still have a way to go, but seeing this amazing total is pushing me to keep going until I reach my goal.


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