Blog Cleaning

After a hideous day at the office, I felt stressed and angry and all I wanted to do was eat!

My irrational thoughts were in full swing as I stomped home like a moody teenager, and when I walked into my flat, I headed straight for the kitchen with the sole intention of eating something ridiculously bad for me. Because I could!

After about an hour, and having consumed 2 bags of crisps, a sandwich and a slice of vanilla & chocolate cheesecake (yep, I stuffed my face!) I got that familiar feeling of misery and self-loathing. Not liking how I felt, I decided to try some damage limitation and get moving.

Now I know that I read somewhere that housework burns calories, and knowing that my flat was in serious need of tidying up, I killed two birds with one stone and got cracking!

After a few hours of mopping, hoovering, scrubbing and polishing, I was starting to feel calmer and more logical. I found it strange that something I really detest like housework could have such a good effect on me. So now I have to remember that when I feel stressed or angry, instead of reaching for the chocolate, I should reach for the scrubbing brush!


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