Blog The Who

After a lovely Sunday roast with all the family, my Dad and I jumped in the car and headed to the O2 arena for his Fathers day present – to see The Who! I remember growing up listening to my Dad singing along to his Who albums, so when I saw they were touring, I had to grab a couple of tickets!

I was well prepared, having had my cottage pie pack just before leaving, and I had a bar in my bag in case I got peckish, but as we entered the arena and wandered around the packed out restaurants and bars, I didn't feel the slightest bit effected, I was far too excited to see the band!

After a few hours of singing, clapping, foot tapping and generally fidgeting around to the music, we wandered out into the car park with a spring in our step. The funny thing was, when we had sat down in our chairs, my Dad commented on how close the seats were together (both of us being broad shouldered meant I lent forward most of the time to stop us shoving each other!) However, I commented on how I didn't have to wedge myself between the two arm rests like it used to, I had much more room than before and it felt brilliant!

As the band sang their hit song Who Are You? I smiled to myself and thought I'm a happier, healthier person than I once was, and I'm moving in the right direction to becoming the person I want to be.


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