Blog 2 Plan

I lost 3lb this week which I was extremely happy with, but now I am just one measly pound away from reaching my 4 stone mark. 4 stone – I almost double take as I write that. I have lost almost 4 stone! That is such an amazing achievement, and I am so proud of myself for doing so well.

Now I am getting closer to my goal (another stone by my brothers wedding in August) I have started looking into moving to the 2 plan to start the process of working down the plans to the maintenance stage of my journey.

It's such a great feeling to think towards the future and maintaining my weight, but it's also a little scary. Having nutrition packs is not only incredibly handy and healthy, but its also like a security blanket, and it can be pretty daunting to think I'm going to have to give up that security blanket at some stage.

But when I think of this, I also think about the network of support I now have in place with my coach, my fellow group members and my family and friends all helping me along the way.

That is a great comfort to know that I'm not going to be facing the challenge of maintaining my weight alone. And now, thanks to my coach, I'm armed with a truck load of information that I didn't have before I started my journey – I know how to recognise those signs of wanting to eat rubbish, I know how to deal with parties and other social occasions, I know how to make the right decisions when it comes to food choices, and I know I can continue to live like this because I already have been.

I'm nervous yet excited to embark on this leg of my journey, but first things first, lets reach that 4 stone marker!


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