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Like millions of other people, the weather definitely affects my mood, and seeing the forecast for this weekend, I knew it was going to be a rubbish one.

Now my food choices had been fine throughout the week, same as usual with no problems, but on Saturday I felt under the weather and miserable due to the rain and being cooped up indoors, so I ended up trying to make up for it with food. Obviously this wasn't the best way to combat those feelings, and although I knew it, I did it anyway. I couldn't escape into the sunshine for the day, or even go for a wander round the shops like I usually would, so the rain was forcing me to stay indoors, bored.

My nephew had been in hospital on Thursday with breathing problems and had been diagnosed with asthma, so I was happy to see him on Saturday to set my mind at ease that he was okay, then my fiancé and I headed to our local Hobbycraft for some supplies as I had started a new painting that morning.

Knowing I was going to be stuck indoors for most of the weekend, I grabbed some craft supplies to keep me going. I noticed all the colourful balls of wool on the back wall and remembered how much I loved knitting as a child, how concentrating on what I was doing made me forget about everything else going on around me.

So armed with this memory, I grabbed a pair of knitting needles off the shelf and picked a vibrant, multicoloured wool that made me smile to look at. I got home and finished my painting before settling down in front of the TV with my wool and needles, and as I concentrated on getting my rhythm back and avoiding dropping a stitch (unsuccessfully!) the hours flew by.

My mind didn't wander to food thankfully, I just seemed to fall under a spell with every stitch, it was great! So, although I enjoy knitting, I've never been able to do much else than a scarf, because it doesn't involve anything technical, but I was happy with my progress when I finally stopped and went to bed at 1.30am.

I would recommend knitting to anyone trying to keep their mind and hands away from the snacks!


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