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I had the day off from work and my fiancé had planned to take me out for a pre-birthday day trip.

He wouldn’t tell me where we were heading, so when we turned into the zoo car park I was really excited. The sun was shining, we had the whole day to ourselves, and we were going to see the animals! My perfect day!

I’d taken a cereal bar with me to eat in the car, but thought better than to take a chocolate bar as it would have melted pretty quickly. We wandered around the zoo for hours, enjoying seeing all the animals, especially the sea lions swimming over the observation tunnel.

By the time we left, I hadn’t even thought about food, although I did have two scoops of ice-cream that was far too appealing to resist. I drank plenty of water which was so needed in the sunshine, and I sympathised with the tiger who was lying in a waterhole trying to cool off.

It’s amazing how much more comfortable I feel in hotter weather now than when I was larger. I used to get really hot and bothered, not wanting to wear cooler clothes because that would mean showing my arms and legs, I would never want to wear dresses as my thighs would rub together and chafe.

This summer I always seem to be wearing a dress or wearing sleeveless tops and vests without worrying about what other people think.

It seems my weight has gone down but my confidence has gone up which I’m really pleased about.


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