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I've been very lucky and extremely excited to have worked at the Coronation Festival held at Buckingham Palace this week!

I never thought I would be standing in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, but there I was, in my new, smart dress, feeling great and looking forward to being part of this fantastic event.

The only problem was, with a strict policy stating no food and drink to be taken into the event, I was unable to take my packs with me. So, a lot of forward planning was needed for this one!

I was able to eat my packs in the daytime when I worked in just the evenings, and made sure I was able to eat fruit and drink plenty of water on site, but on the longer days when it was impossible to have all my packs, I had to ensure that I drank plenty of water, ate fruit and made the best choices of the food available to me on the day.

It was difficult and a little scary not having my packs to rely on, but I realised that this was like getting a taster of what the maintenance plan will be like when I reach that stage.

With so much to do, there wasn't a great deal of time to worry about food, so as long as I had plenty of water, that was my main concern.

After some long hours, although I felt exhausted, I was still exhilarated by the event and the fact that I was able to make it through without destroying all the hard work I have put in so far.


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