Wowser, it’s hot! Not that I’m complaining, after months of moaning how cold and wet it had been, this heatwave is very welcome.

Catching a tan is always a confidence booster for me, although my legs seem to be immune to catching the sun these days.

No matter how much I’ve tried to brown them, they are still a very crisp shade of white, with the added delight of a few disgusting looking gnat bites.

Having forgotten what a real summer feels like, I recalled previous summers when I was heavier, and how I would never dream of showing my legs or arms off because I was so embarrassed, always keeping them covered up, even if it meant feeling close to passing out.

I used to panic about getting sweaty patches showing on my clothes, and my feet would inevitably swell up like balloons and feel like they were on fire when I walked. I used to hate summer time…how awful is that?!?!

This summer, one of the hottest in a long time, and I’ve finally got the confidence to wear sleeveless tops and dresses to the office. Ok, so I’m not exactly happy that my bingo wings are on display for all to see, but hey, I’m proud of how my body is finally taking the shape I want it to, and with some exercise and plenty of water, those bingo wings will be banished forever!

I may not be at the stage where I love my body just yet, but I am so proud of how I look now.


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