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Now that I've lost just over 4 stone, and I've majorly upped my exercise levels, I started to think that this would be a good time to move to the 2 Plan.

I had a long discussion with my coach and we went over my weight loss journey to date, talking about how I feel at the moment and the goals I want to reach. I explained that I've been feeling a lot hungrier since starting my exercise regime, so I thought it would be better to start eating more real food as apposed to packs and avoid snacking which has been a trap I've fallen into recently, and she totally agreed with me.

I'm aware that my weight loss may be lower each week, but slow and steady has always been my motto throughout my journey, so I'm fine with that, as long as I know it is coming off.

I think the thought of moving away from the security of the 3 Plan would have scared the life out of me a few months ago, but I really feel ready for this change now. I feel more confident in my ability to prepare the right foods and to make the right decisions.

The goals I aim to achieve are to lose another 6lb for my brothers wedding which is 3 weeks away, and my slightly longer-term goal is to be in a comfortable size 14 by the time of the Ideal Home Show Christmas (I'm currently in a size 18). With these goals set, I'm more than confident that they are totally achievable on the 2 Plan


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