Blog getback

Whenever I've had a slip up or gone off the plan, I've always managed to jump back on it straight away with a newfound determination and drive, but I'm struggling to find my inner oomph at the moment.

I think the reason is because I've got a lot going on at the moment, so the plan has slipped from my priory top spot. Its inevitable, and its happened a few times before, so I know that I can continue to forge forward to reach my goals, but it seems more challenging this time round.

Maybe its because I've lost most of my weight and now it's the final part, the last leg of the journey before maintenance, so I need to give it a push to reach my goal weight.

I've noticed old habits creeping in, and I'm very aware of it, but it seems harder to resist this time round. Maybe reaching my main goal this weekend (my brothers wedding where I'm a bridesmaid), I've given myself more freedom, because I've done what I set out to do. But its not over yet, and I have goals set in place for November too, so I hope that once the celebrations of this weekend are over, I can get my groove back and focus on my goals without any distractions and no excuses.


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