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After all the months of waiting, the day has finally arrived; my big brothers wedding day!

I expected to wake up feeling anxious this morning, seeing as I was going to be wearing a bridesmaid dress and heels in front of a few hundred people, but I was surprisingly calm as I drove down to the hairdressers. To be honest, it was so flipping early, I think I was still half asleep.

After a few hours of preparation, running from hairdressers, to home, to my friends who were putting my eyelashes on for me, to my Nan's to help her get ready, and finally to the brides parents house, I could have curled up for a 30 minute power nap, but it was suddenly time to leave for the venue!

I managed to hold myself together as I walked down the aisle in front of all my family, and seeing my brother waiting at the end for his bride-to-be made me instantly well up – I'm a sucker for a wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful, and although the weather outside was rainy and grim, it didn't stop us dashing outside for a few photos before heading in to celebrate.

By the time we sat down to eat I realized how hungry I was after having a Belvita biscuit bar for breakfast at about 8am, so I quickly tucked into my dinner before being whirled around the dance floor by my 3 year old nephew who insisted on taking me up to the sweetie table – a genius table full of sweets, marshmallows and chocolates to keep the kids (and adults with a sweet tooth – like me) happy!

I received so many compliments about how beautiful I looked which made me blush. My aunt even told me that I remind her of Adele because I'm beautiful, with a great figure and I'm my own person, I don't try and be something I'm not. It made me laugh at the time, but I realized later what a great compliment that was – being compared to one of my idols made me feel on top of the world.

The alcohol was flowing and the wedding singer was in full swing, making everyone want to get out on the dance floor. I left my brothers and Dad playing air guitar in the middle of the dance floor, while my new sister-in-law was dancing on a chair with a pint of Guinness in her hand. It had been a long time coming, but everyone, especially the bride and groom, had a fantastic day.



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