Blog dress

I have an event coming up at the end of October, and when I heard the words 'evening dress', I felt a cold shiver down my spine.

Since I've lost weight, I love nothing more than wearing a nice dress, I much prefer it to my old attire of leggings and baggy tops, but an evening dress is a whole different ball game.

For one thing, since losing weight, I really am struggling to change the way I look at clothes. I have to remind myself quite often that I'm not as big as I was, so where big and baggy was a staple before, I can now wear things that show off my figure a bit more. And secondly, I have no idea what sort of evening dress will suit my new shape!

Before, I would have stuck to a nice stretchy fabric with an empire line to cover all the lumps and bumps, but now I have a waist maybe I can carry off something a bit more fitted?

I could never wear a halter neck because of my broad shoulders, but now I wonder what it would look like as I've got a slimmer, more defined décolletage? I'm in full blown panic mode!

So I'm hitting the shops next weekend to try on as many different dresses as I can to see what suits and what doesn't.

One thing I can guarantee won't have changed – the fact that at 5ft 9in, floor length dresses are always too short for me!


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