Blog boxing

Having fallen in love with Zumba, my friend and I decided to sign up for a boxercise class today.

Having spent all day in London walking around exhibitions, I hadn't thought much about the class as I had done one many years ago and assumed it would be similar. I was wrong! I've never heard of a burpee but I know I never want to hear the word again!

Having successfully avoided all exercise for several years, when the instructor shouted out 'right, down on your matts and plank!' I stared back at him with a completely bemused look.

Having huffed and puffed through the running, skipping, star jumps and several odd sounding exercises he kept shouting out, we finally got to the boxing part which I loved!

It felt really good, and although it was completely exhausting, I found myself really pushing to do my best.

As we were warming down, I realised something that really made me smile – he told us to grab one foot and hold it for 10 seconds, and I did it. This doesn't sound like anything big, but I remember a time when I wasn't able to grab my foot and hold it because I was too fat to reach!

I was really proud of myself for completing the class, and when the instructor asked if we were coming back next week, I thought about it for a second before saying yes. As much as I don't enjoy the scary exercises, it's brought about a new challenge for me to be able to complete them.


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