blog 111

 In a bid to cheer me up and get me out of the house for a few hours, my fiancé took me shopping as I needed a new pair of boots and a winter coat.

Unfortunately there wasn't much that took my fancy on the coat front, but I fell in love with a chocolate brown pair of knee high boots. When I realised that they didn't come in a wide fitting calf, and the fact that they were zip ups, my heart sank.

Every year I end up miserable when trying to find boots to go round my legs, and I always end up settling for a pair that fit, but I don't actually like.

When I oomed and arred about trying them on, my fiancé said to me that I need to stop thinking like a fat person, and start realising that certain 'normal' things will fit me now, so I took a seat, put my foot in the boot and slowly pulled the zip.

Anyone with wide calves will know the ritual of trying on these types of boots; how you pull the boot together at the top so you can yank the zip and hopefully get it up all the way without breaking it, but I was gobsmacked that this time, that wasn't necessary.

They zipped up easily, all the way to the top – no pinching, no excess calf poking out of the top like my legs had been wrapped too tightly in cling film, they fitted beautifully!

My fiancé laughed at me as I skipped around the shop and told me he had never seen someone so excited with a pair of boots.

As I explained, it wouldn't mean that much to some people, but to me, being able to fit into a standard pair of knee high boots was the best feeling in the world!! I couldn't wait to show my new boots off and got comments from my family that they hadn't seen me in knee-highs for a very long time.

Well watch out, because I'll certainly be wearing them more often now.


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