blog 113

Getting a dress for this posh do I'm attending has been driving me mad.

I've scoured the internet, bought a dress only for it to arrive with half the embellishments fallen off, returned it and been back to the drawing board.

As much as I loathe clothes shopping, it was no good, I had to go to a shop and actually try some dresses on.

We got to Lakeside early so went for a cuppa before the mammoth task of finding me a suitable outfit commenced. As we walked around trying to pick a suitable shop to look in, I spotted M&S was open, so thought it would be a fair place to start.

No sooner had we walked over to the dress section, I spotted a glitzy wrap dress that looked absolutely stunning.

I grabbed it in two sizes and headed to the changing room, trying not to get my hopes up, but as I slipped the dress on (FYI - the smaller of the two sizes!) its heavy fabric seemed to work wonders in accentuating my curves and flattering my unflattering bits.

I was so elated I shouted a yippee and skipped around the changing area like a little kid.

Flattering, elegant and glitzy was my brief, and that is exactly what I've got, and I'm so chuffed I'm still grinning.

Not being about to find a suitable dress was filling me with dread for this event, but now I cannot wait to go in my beautiful new frock!


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