Counselling for Toads

Counselling For Toads: Robert de Board ISBN 9780415174299

This beautifully written and inspiring book is a compelling, but easy read.

Humorous, thought provoking and empowering the clever structure of this charming story takes the 'dryness' out of Transactional Analysis and helps to explain why we react to situations and others in the way we do, giving insights into the behaviours and feelings of ourselves and those around us.

'Toad' the character from Kenneth Grames 'The Wind in the Willows' is depressed - eventually he is encouraged by his friends Rat, Mole and Badger to talk to Heron - a T.A. counsellor -and so unfolds, over 10 chapters -each a 'session' between Heron and Toad - a tale of guidance, self-discovery and reflection enabling Toad ( and the reader) to recognise his 'ego states' , to understand and choose to change his behaviours and feelings and to make the positive changes that helps him move forward with his life.

I love this book - and for years have lent copies to clients to support and deepen their understanding of themselves - i recommend it to you.



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