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Believe it or not, today has been named as 'National Chocolate Milkshake Day', so we couldn't resist celebrating by sharing this list of fun and tasty ways to add a twist to your chocolate shakes. These recipes have been tried and tested by our Ideal Weight coaches, so we recommend having a go to celebrate this random but 'special' day.

1. Chocolate Mint-shake
A refreshing chocolate mint-shake is a great way to start the day feeling alert and energized. Start by making a peppermint tea and leaving it to cool in the fridge. Once cold, use the tea instead of water to make your drink. Perhaps you could even add a couple of mint leaves to make your yummy milkshake extra special?

2. Iced Mocha
If you're a coffee lover, swap a calorific iced mocha frappe for an Ideal Weight alternative, by adding a shot of espresso to a chocolate shake and blending with ice. This shake is the perfect way to liven yourself up when you're on-the-go.

3. Chocolate Orange
Resist the urge to tuck into an indulgent chocolate orange by simply adding some fresh orange zest to give your shake a fruity kick. Banana is another complementary fruit addition which can make your milkshake creamier and more like a smoothie.

4. Hot or Cold?
Whilst we're in the early September lull of short bursts of sunshine in between cloudy dull days, we have two ideas that will cater to each eventuality. For a summery weekend, why not freeze your chocolate shakes using lolly moulds to create mini milk style ice-creams? If you're caught by a chilly September evening then you can always use your milk allowance to make a milky hot chocolate – extra tip: use a hand blender to make it frothy!

5. Chilli Chocolate
For the more daring of you, how about experimenting with a fun chilli chocolate shake? Not recommended if you're not a fan of spice, so be careful how much you add, however this unusual combination could be a winner for adding a kick to a well-loved favourite. An extra bonus is that chilli is great for kicking your metabolism into action!

If you have any other ideas of how you can spice up an Ideal Weight chocolate milkshake then we'd love to hear about it! You can share your recipe ideas and reviews with us via our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter pages.

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