pasta sauce picture by bykst via pixabayUnfortunately, for the many of us who try to avoid high levels of sugar in our diets, sugar can be lurking in the products where you'd least expect to find it!

1. Sauces

Believe it or not, it's not just 'sweet' foods which are sugary; savoury products can also be packed with sugar. Pasta sauces, BBQ sauce and tomato ketchup are among the worst products for hiding high levels of sugar. Per 100g a typical pasta sauce has 1.4 teaspoons on sugar, tomato ketchup has 4.4 teaspoons, and BBQ sauce has 6.6 teaspoons!

2. Porridge

A recent article highlighted the fact that many microwave porridge pots contain more sugar than a bowl of Frosties, with one of the worst brands selling porridge products with 18g of sugar per pot. Our Ideal Weight porridges are a much better option with sweeteners used instead of sugar.

bread picture by rprata via flickr3. Low-Fat and Fruit Yoghurts

Be careful picking a low-fat option as often these products indeed do have a lower fat content but this is made up with extra sugar for a better taste. It is often debated whether high-sugar or high-fat products are the worst for weight gain, however, with a typical low-fat yoghurt containing 5 teaspoons of sugar we would keep an eye on the content of our low-fat alternatives.

4. Bread

This staple food can be surprisingly sugary and with 100g containing up to 6g of sugar, you can see why it's made our list.

5. Salad Dressings

Supermarket bought salad dressings can add an unhealthy element to a low calorie meal, with just two tablespoons of French dressing containing 6g of sugar! We don't like the thought of sprinkling a couple of teaspoons of sugar over our green salad but in theory, by adding certain dressings, that's exactly what we're doing. For a healthier option, you can create an easy homemade dressing using lemon, olive oil and pepper.

smoothie picture by vegateam via flickr6. Vitamin Enhanced Water

Recent trends have seen a rise in popularity of vitamin waters which claim to give you a healthy boost. What they fail to make clear is that these health promoting drinks contain up to 8 teaspoons of sugar, despite their empowering flavour names such as, 'defence' and 'power-c'.

7. Iced Coffees

It should come as no surprise that daily iced coffees are not going to help you on your way to your ideal weight; however, we were shocked to find out just how much sugar these iced treats contained. By choosing your favourite Frappucino, you may think you're picking a safer option than a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream or slice of cake but some creamy coolers contain the equivalent sugar of 31 digestive biscuits, and others contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar! The calorific content of these sugary drinks means that just one Frappucino can be the equivalent of a McDonald's burger and chips!

8. Juices and Smoothies

Even though juices and smoothies are packed with delicious fruits and vegetables, along with that comes a lot of sugar. Some juices and smoothies contain four times the amount of sugar the World Health Organisation recommends an average person should consume in a day, with up to 24 tsps of sugar!


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