talk yourself slimIdeal Weight’s weight management plans are different from any other weight loss plan . This is because we focus on behaviour change and cognitive coaching. All our coaches are trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and our plans not only help you lose weight,  we help you  learn new eating behaviours  to help you keep that weight off for a lifetime.

Today we give you a taster of one of our coaching sessions. Our Ideal Weight Co-Founder Lindsey Thompson-Wright writes about how you can actually help yourself get to your ideal weight by the way you talk to yourself.

How many times have you been annoyed with  yourself for not sticking to a diet?

Learning to speak to yourself differently is key to being able to change behaviours. How many times have you been cross with yourself for not sticking to a diet and thought that telling yourself off would help you? We think it may give us kick up the backside to get ourselves into gear when in fact the opposite happens. We end up de-motivating  ourselves, we start to lack faith in our ability to lose weight and feel fed up. This ends up being counterproductive and makes us want to reach for the wine or the chocolate even more!

Learn how to use affirmations

A really useful skill to have in your weight management tool box is leaning how to use affirmations. As someone who has lost and maintained a 4 stone weight loss, I  use daily affirmations to help my sub-conscious mind remember to look after me! When losing weight I would remind myself daily of my goal and say things out loud (make sure nobody can hear you as you do sound a bit bonkers!).

“I can do this, I can do this, I can do this” (even if you think you can’t, if you tell yourself you can…you actually will!).

“When I go to bed tonight I will feel happy with my choices”.

“I enjoy feeling great and looking good”.

Every morning I start the same way, I brush my hair while my head is still warm (one of the best tips I’ve ever received as it then sets in style rather than setting as ‘bed hair’) and secondly I say “Today I’m choosing to maintain my weight”. It’s like my mind is in the right place as well as my hair. It takes 2 seconds in the morning and has become part of my morning routine.

For this week only let’s do an experiment

When you speak about yourself when you’re with others or when you speak to yourself when you’re on your own, listen to what you’re actually saying because our body does actually hear.

Remember, the next time you tell yourself you look ‘alright’ – is ‘alright’ enough?? We all deserve to look and feel fantastic and it may be the way we speak to ourselves is what is stopping us getting to our ideal weight.

I am fantastic, I am fantastic, I am fantastic….. Smile


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