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Does social media have a negative effect on self-esteem?

It is important to remember that the lives of people you see on Facebook, or on other social media channels are often simply a collection of their best moments and their best angles! Very few are happily going to share a negative moment or a terrible photograph of themselves with their online friends, therefore what we see is hardly a realistic representation and we shouldn't compare ourselves.

How social media can help you on your weight loss journey

At Ideal Weight, we believe that social media can actually be a powerful tool when making life changes such a losing weight.

When you feel passionate and proud of your journey, you want to tell your friends about what you've achieved. Social media is a great way to share your accomplishments and receive motivating comments from those impressed with how far you have come.

If you share updates of your progress on social media, positive comments and encouragement from your friends is likely to not just spur you on but it can also keep you on track. You are more likely to exercise or eat healthily if you know that your Facebook friends are tracking your progress.

Even if you don't decide to hit the post button, simply typing down your feelings can be therapeutic and can help you start to realise the route of your eating issues. When you do chose to post, this can act as a diary that your friends are able to comment on to motivate you and keep you on the straight and narrow.

Ideal Weight's Member Support Forum

When you join Ideal Weight, your local coach will recommend that you join our members support forum on Facebook, which acts as an unlimited 24hr support system which you can use between coaching sessions. This group is completely private and only for those on the plan.

Our forum is an invaluable tool for everyone on the Ideal Weight plan as you can share your high and low points with a group of people who truly understand what you're going through. It's fantastic to see that when someone is having a moment of weakness or has reached a milestone, the other members of the group are quick to offer support and congratulations.

If you are already an Ideal Weight member but are yet to join our members support forum, then join today to gain the support of others and inspire by sharing your progress.


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