Laureen Smith, Ideal Weight coach from Edinburgh reviews a fantastic new book: 100 Days Of Mind Food For Weight Managers – by Mark R Hodgson. This book can act as a great aid alongside your Ideal Weight plan.

100 days of mind food for weight managersIt's so nice and refreshing to finally find a book about weight management that chooses not to lecture you on what you “must” eat  and what you “ought” to do and instead invites you kindly to change how you think about food, eating and your body so that you can discover how you can manage your weight better. Mark has over eight years experience as a weight management coach and individual counsellor and before that was a commercial writer. He has combined both skills to produce this fabulous eBook which leads you day-by-day through a 100 day journey of self-discovery so that you can explore your own attitudes to weight management and find solutions and approaches that work for you.

So what will the book teach you?

The book is full of short stories and articles, links to video and websites, poems and exercises that challenge you to take charge of one aspect of your life, your eating, and really become a successful weight manager. You are encouraged to keep a journal to record your reactions each day and to commit to making changes. As you begin to explore you become aware of your own behaviours and beliefs, have the opportunity to examine them and to choose whether or not they help you manage your weight.

Thinking about long-term lifestyle change

Mark encourages you to ditch the D(iet) word and think about long-term lifestyle change instead and, at the same time, he recognises that it is easier said than done. His empathy and understanding of weight problems and the reasons for over-eating shine through in his writing and he never seeks to make you feel ashamed or guilty but rather helps you understand why you might do what you do. Mark's encouragement and belief in you, the reader, help keep you focused and motivated to make changes that mean you can be healthier and happier as you begin to manage your weight and his approach fits in totally with our ethos and approach here at Ideal Weight.

Get your own copy of 100 Days Of Mind Food For Weight Managers

Mark's book is available as an eBook from Amazon and iTunes compatible with most eReaders. It's great value at just £6.60 and a highly recommended read to go alongside your work at Ideal Weight and beyond. Mark has already been asked to produce a follow-up book and we look forward to seeing that too.


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