Ideal Weight coaching folder setAt Ideal Weight, we know that the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is a combination of nutrition packs with coaching which is why we have always encouraged anyone who joins us to follow both. This is still the method which we highly recommend, we pride ourselves on offering flexible weight loss plans to suit your lifestyle and coaching with nutrition packs may not be the preferred option for everyone. With this in mind, we have improved our plans so you can partake in coaching only and nutrition pack only plans so that your plan really can reflect the change you want to make.

The benefits of group work and coaching

Debbie Saunders Ideal Weight from Monmouthshire has written the following, explaining the benefits of group work and coaching.

Ideal Weight professionally trained cognitive behaviour coaches help you to recognise your true potential and maximise your performance so you can achieve your goal. Coaching helps to increase your self esteem and allows you to recognise you have all of the resources you need to lose weight within you – your coach simply helps you to access them.

Ideal Weight coaching sessions don’t just focus on weight loss, they can help you with all areas of your life, teaching you how to prioritise, to recognise unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food and in other areas that may be setting you back from achieving your goals. You learn at your own pace, understanding what brought you to be the size you are, what you can change and what you can’t.

Once you’ve recognised and set your goals, group work helps you find ways to support your goals. Groups are excellent for support and for learning from one another meaning that you will never feel like you’re on your own. Your coach and other group members can relate to your challenges and offer a safe, totally confidential place to explore any issues you may want to discuss.

You will learn so much from coaching sessions and be able to turn this knowledge into actions. You’ll learn the how’s, why’s and what’s about dieting and the truth about your weight. You learn how to read food labels and what to look out for so that you’re ready to tackle previous unhealthy eating habits.

The group will give you; energy, motivation, security, inspiration, friendly competition, encouragement, comfort and a sense of belonging to a community.

So what are my options?

Face to face coaching

If you have a coach in your area then you have the option to attend face to face coaching sessions. These are available to you whether you choose to use nutrition packs alongside your coaching or just follow a coaching only programme.

Telephone coaching

If you don’t have a coach in your local area then we offer telephone coaching. All nutrition packs are available to buy online through our online shop, so you are still able to follow a combined plan whatever area of the UK you live in. Telephone coaching sessions are still held in groups and are a bit smaller so you are still able to access the benefits of group coaching.

Facebook member’s forum

For extra support, our Facebook member’s forum allows you to connect with coaches and other Ideal Weight members to share tips, thoughts and progress. This is a private page for Ideal Weight members. Click here to Find out more.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in coaching to help change your mindset around food for long-term weight loss maintenance, enquire online today and a coach will be in touch to help you start your journey.


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