Ideal Weight Cognitive Coaching SessionsWhat benefits does group coaching have over individual sessions?

Although each individual journey is different, coming together with people who share a common goal is incredibly powerful. Being able to listen to others means that you can have your own light bulb moment from what they say and don’t have to learn everything from your own experiences. Being ‘on a diet’ can be incredibly lonely and having real support with like-minded people means that you never feel alone. It’s as though you take everyone’s energy home with you!

What happens in a typical group session?

Each week you will get weighed and have your BMI checked. After this there will be a quick check-in with any insights from the previous week that anybody wants to share. This gives you a great opportunity to share your highs and lows from the week with others in the same boat. It also enables you to offer motivation to other members if they have had a hard week and congratulate them when they meet their targets. During a coaching session, you will work through a structured coaching activity which focuses on coping mechanisms and skills that are not just a useful key to losing weight and keeping it off but are transferable to all aspects of life.

Are group coaching sessions embarrassing?

We often tell people to come along and try one session and see what you think – it’s never how people imagine! Members always say that it was the group and the coaching that actually made all the difference. Changing how to think and behave around food is hard work but the group work is always fun and inclusive. Everyone is on a similar journey and often become good friends through the sessions meaning that you can feel comfortable and supported by your group.

Do I have to use Ideal Weight nutrition packs while I attend coaching?

We know that the most effective way to lose weight is to attend coaching whilst using our nutrition packs. Having your food taken care of means it’s one less thing to think about whilst you learn about why you put on weight, how to break unhelpful habits and patterns and make positive changes around food and drink. However, we do realise that nutrition packs aren’t suitable or desirable to everyone and that’s why you can just opt to have the coaching alongside any weight loss program of your choice.

I want to attend a coaching session but I don’t have a coach in my area

Ideal Weight understands that one size doesn’t fit all and even though you may be keen to join a group, you may not have a coach in your local area or you may be too busy to travel to your nearest class. We have endeavoured to make our plans as flexible as possible so that you can benefit from our program whatever your lifestyle needs may be. This is why we offer telephone coaching to those who opt for it. Telephone coaching is also done in small groups so just because you are unable to attend a physical class does not mean you have to miss out on the benefits of a group session.

I need more support than just one session a week

It would be foolish to think that anyone can schedule a ‘low moment’ to coincide with a session where they will be able to tackle the issue with their coach. This is why we started an online member’s support forum on Facebook which you are able to use 24/7 to communicate with other Ideal Weight members and coaches if you have a question, need some support, or want to celebrate a success.


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