which is the right diet for me? via BBC TwoThis week BBC Two aired a three part Horizon special titled ‘Which diet is right for you?’ During January there are plenty of programmes, news stories and features in the media about healthy living, due to the sharp increase of people looking to make a change for the New Year. This Horizon special provided some fantastic evidence that reflected what Ideal Weight stands for and what is the basis of our weight loss and weight management plans.  

The three part series followed specialists from Oxford and Cambridge universities as they undertook a huge research project looking into how instead of following the latest fad diet, you have to understand why food is a problem for YOU, so that you can find a diet plan tailored to your specific needs.

In the research project, experts identified three main groups of eaters after making them take plenty of physiological and psychological tests, they were then put on the right program to effectively tackle their specific weight issues. So could working out which group you best fit with hold the secret to your own diet success?

Are You a Feaster?

When most of us eat, there are hormones in our gut which send signals to our brain to say that our stomach is full. However, if you fall into the feasters category, scientists suggest that you produce less of this hormone (GLP-1) and therefore your brain doesn’t receive a strong enough signal to notify you to stop eating and results in the ‘when I start I just can’t stop’ behaviour.

This research suggests that people who experience this kind of eating behaviour should follow a diet including certain foods which can help boost the production of gut hormones. This requires a high protein low GI diet as these types of foods will increase feelings of fullness.

Ideal Weight Plan for You

All of our nutrition packs are high in protein and if you choose an Ideal Weight plan where you have the option of adding conventional food to your diet alongside nutrition packs, we have low GI/GL meal plans for you to create meals from.

Are You An Emotional Eater?

Emotional eaters eat for psychological reasons, often reaching for the cupboard not because they feel hungry but because they feel unhappy, anxious or stressed. Participants in the research project who were found to be emotional eaters were put into group coaching sessions as it has been found that the support of fellow dieters is a powerful tool for these types of eaters. The groups also followed the low calorie diets that were supplied by their weight loss groups.

Ideal Weight Plan for You

In the show participants attended both group weight loss sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions. Ideal Weight’s coaching sessions are completely unique as our group weight loss sessions are run by professionally qualified cognitive behaviour coaches meaning you have the benefits of having CBT coaching in a small group. You have the option to attend coaching whether you choose to follow our meal plans or not so you are free to decide on the best option for you.

Our coaches are at the heart of what we do and we know that the coaching we offer is really what makes a difference not just for emotional eaters but anyone who has struggled with their weight and needs help breaking their unhealthy habits. Cognitive behavioural coaching helps you to understand the reasons behind your eating issues and teaches you new healthy behaviours which can help you to maintain your ideal weight for good.

Are You a Constant Craver?

If you feel hungry most of the time then it is likely you are a ‘constant craver’. Scientists believe this is due to a person having more of a specific gene which makes you feel hungrier consequently leading to weight gain.

The constant cravers were put on an intermittent fasting diet plan where they would fast for two day a week by consuming a limited 600-800 calories a day, and eat normally for the remaining 5 days as long as they still ate healthily.

Ideal Weight Plan for You

At Ideal Weight we have our very own 5:2 diet where for 2 days a week you simply eat 4 Ideal Weight nutrition packs of your choice and for the other 5 days you can use our 1 plan or maintenance meal matrices to help design a healthy meal plan of conventional food.

Take the test

If you’re unsure which category you might fall under, the BBC has an interactive test on their website where you are able to find out what kind of eater you are. All three episodes are available to watch on iPlayer until 11/02/15 and are well worth a watch for tons of interesting extra information such as the effects skipping breakfast has on our eating and what happens when we fall off the wagon.

If you are interested in following any of the plans mentioned in this article please visit our website or get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you get started on the journey to your ideal weight.


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