Debbie, our Ideal Weight coach from Monmouthshire, guest blogs for us this week sharing the facts of why nutrition packs are safe, healthy and effective for weight loss

Ideal Weight Nutrition PacksMany people are horrified at the thought of meal replacements to lose weight as they fear that these products will not give them a nutritionally complete diet; however Ideal Weight offers a range of nutrition packs, each product providing you with 25% of you recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. This means that if you were just to eat nutrition packs i.e. following our 4 plan, you would receive 100% of your RDA.

Still not convinced?  I wonder if you could have an open mind for a few moments.  It may change your life.

Healthier than your current diet

Nutrition packs were initially designed to be used by astronauts and over the last 40 years have been constantly improving.  They wouldn’t be used by astronauts if they weren’t safe.

If you use a good quality, medically sound brand and company such as Ideal Weight, nutrition packs may actually be healthier than the food you are eating particularly if you are in the obese BMI range.  Because each pack contains 25% of your recommended nutrients including vitamins and minerals, many people see a major shift in their wellbeing within a week.  When you use nutrition packs as part of your diet you can reduce calories safely without compromising on nutrition.  A fully nourished body is happy to let fat go.

Benefits to medical conditions

Nutrition packs can be beneficial for many medical conditions, particularly Type 2 diabetes. One of my clients lost just under 3 stone from following the 3 plan and was advised by his doctor that he could stop the insulin injections for his type 2 diabetes; wonderful news for him and his family. Many other clients who have used Ideal Weight nutrition packs have experienced lower blood pressure, less medication and other improvements in health which go hand in hand with reaching a healthy weight.

Flexible and portable

We offer a range of flexible plans including our 5:2 plan where you are able to use nutrition packs as part of an intermittent fasting program. Visit our plans page to find out more about our options.

Nutrition packs are really convenient as there’s no need to go food shopping, plan meals, think of what is helpful to eat whilst getting to grips with new eating patterns and habits. Nutrition packs are portable and easy to make, so if your excuse for finding it hard to lose weight is that you are too busy to make healthy meals and often grab food whilst your on-the-go, you can swap an unhealthy quick lunch option for a nutrition pack. They’re much better value too!

If you’re attending one of our cognitive coaching sessions nutrition packs allow you to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour around food by giving you time away from conventional food whilst you learn new skills and coping mechanisms. There’s no bargaining with yourself - it’s black and white.

Ideal Weight Vegetable SoupKetosis

Depending on how many nutrition packs you are having as part of your plan, you can go into “Ketosis” or “Fat Burning”.  Anyone wanting to lose weight should understand this process as once you do, you can use it to optimise safe, steady weightloss. It enables consistent and quick weight loss which keeps you motivated.

Great for maintaining your ideal weight

If you have reached your goal weight, nutrition packs make maintaining so much easier i.e. a holiday or party followed by a few days of nutrition packs means that an event where you are bound to indulge a little bit more than usual doesn’t have to have disastrous effects to your weight.

Safer, less extreme and more effective compared to weight loss surgery  

Unfortunately many people still resort in desperation to gastric bands or the more serious gastric bypass. However, if you don’t change the way you think about food and keep eating chocolate all day, even a gastric bypass may not help. Most people who are about to undergo bypass surgery are put on nutrition packs and lose dramatic amounts of weight.  So why not just keep going?

What do they taste like?

Many of my clients who have previously tried weight loss companies offering meal replacements for weight loss are apprehensive about trying our nutrition packs due to others they have tried and disliked. I can honestly say that we get a lot of positive feedback about the taste of our products and how satisfying they are. If you don’t believe me, try our Chocolate Truffle bar, a personal favourite!

At Ideal Weight, we believe that the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to do a combination of nutrition packs, healthy food from one of our plans combined with Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in small groups.  But because we are all different, it’s for you to decide what you feel is the best option for you. 


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