As springtime weather arrives, there is now no excuse not to get outside and get exercising. We know that it’s often hard to motivate yourself to get moving, especially when you are used to having a lack of energy from unhealthy eating habits. However, we have selected 5 of our favourite fitness gadgets which will help you to get excited by exercise by allowing you to track your progress.

fitbit picture by global panormama via flickr1. Fitbit

There are plenty of fitness tracker bands on the market all claiming to offer the best features and most accurate tracking. For us, the Fitbit’s products are the best value fitness trackers for when you’re starting out with a new exercise regime. All Fit Bit products track how many steps you take, how many calories you burn and also track your sleeping patterns so you have a complete overview of your energy intake and expenditure. To satisfy anyone with a competitive side, if you and a friend both have a Fitbit product, you can download their app which lets you compete with each other, seeing who burns the most calories and takes the most steps. If that’s not a reason to walk an extra few miles we don’t know what is.

Prep Pad high res2. Prep Pad

This great kitchen gadget will change the way you prepare food. This smart food scale from The Orange Chef Co gives you an accurate breakdown of the amount of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, minerals etc just by placing food onto this high-tech scale. The Prep Pad makes it much easier to create balanced meals, count calories and helps you to learn more about nutrition. The Ideal family love this product so much that it is making an appearance in the Ideal Smart Home supercharged by Virgin Mediaat this month’s Ideal Home Show - come along and try it out for yourself!

my fitness pal3. My Fitness Pal

If you visit the app store on tablet or Smartphone there will be plenty of choice for apps which can help you count calories and track your fitness. Our personal favourites have been tried and tested by Ideal Weight clients so we really recommend giving them a go.

My Fitness Pal is a favourite of Ideal Weight blogger Nicole who uses the app to track the meals she is having. She does this by adding each food to an eating diary where calories are tracked against your goals and you can look back over previous days and compare how your diet is improving and perhaps times of the week where you are eating more than you should be. The My Fitness Pal app also offers exercise tracking in a similar way. My Fitness Pal combines both your exercise and diet log to give you an accurate indication of where you’re heading in relation to your weight loss goals.

nike running4. Nike+ Running

Nike+ running is a great app to use to get yourself motivated, get your trainers and hit the pavement. The app uses GPS to track where you run as well as showing points in your run where you were your fastest and slowest. You can play your own music whilst at points gives you updates through your headphones about how far you have gone, meaning you’re not so tempted to ‘clock watch’ and can just concentrate on running. It’s really satisfying to beat your personal best or to see that you are getting faster and running further, and what’s more, the app is completely free!

Please note that when you first start out on the plan we do not recommend exercising strenuously if you are not used to doing so. Instead why not try power walking – you can still use gadgets to track this.

If you have a particular fitness gadget or app that you have found really useful in helping you to lose weight then we’d love to hear from you. Share your tips with us via our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.


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