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1. Swap your chocolate eggs for...

When cooking and creating Easter treats for your friends and family, you don’t necessarily have to pick a feast of chocolate, there are plenty of ways you can get creative and make healthy Easter food which looks just as good if not better. Check out the Ideal Weight Easter Pinterest board to get some inspiration.

2. Easter doesn’t just have to be about eating

There are far too many occasions during the year where we use a special day as an excuse to indulge. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter – by the time we’ve taken all of these into account, we’re allowing ourselves to over eat and go out for treat meals for a good proportion of the year - no wonder we find it hard to reach our goal weight! Easter doesn’t just have to be about big, indulgent family lunches and Easter eggs, this year change the focus of your Easter celebrations to egg hunts with your children where they search for pretty painted eggs or Easter chicks. Let the time off with your loved ones be enough to satisfy you and make you feel content. A piece of chocolate egg is not going to improve your weekend; the likelihood is it will leave you feeling worse.

3.  Keep your long-term goals in mind

You know that indulging over Easter isn’t going to help you reach your ideal weight, so let this be your motivation to stay on track. The feeling of success after Easter eggs have long left the supermarket shelves will be far better than the momentary taste of chocolate. Keep your favourite affirmations on your phone or in your diary so you can refer to them whenever you’re having a moment of weakness

4. Pick your eggs wisely

If you really can’t bear the thought of an Easter without chocolate then don’t fret, you can allow yourself a small treat every once in a while. However instead of buying a huge luxury eggs with an added box of chocolates, opt for a small egg that will satisfy your craving without damaging your diet too extremely. If you don’t finish it then throw it away, don’t leave it in the cupboard allowing yourself to pick at it over the following days. You may be surprised at the calorie difference between different eggs so make sure you check this before you buy, it might make you think twice about whether it’s really worth it.

5. Enjoy Ideal Weight chocolate products

Our chocolate truffle bars and chocolate shakes are a great substitute for chocoholics over Easter. What’s more, this Easter we are offering 50% off all chocolate products starting 31/03/2015. Simply enter the discount code ‘EASTER’ at the checkout to receive your discount. Hurry, this offer ends at midnight 07/04/2015.


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