train way 243902 1280 copyWas your last attempt to create new healthy habits well before 2015? Perhaps you veered off the path during a recent holiday / the weekend just gone. Either way it is still difficult to get back on track with a healthy eating plan, especially if the aim of this is to lose weight.

First of all, you shouldn’t feel guilty. Everyone has hiccups from time to time whatever their goals, however what sets the people who succeed apart from those who don’t is the ability to get back on track.

Studies have found that the effect of thinking that we have ‘fallen off the wagon’ actually encourages us to continue bad behaviours, justifying this by thinking that as we’ve already failed so one more piece of junk food wont hurt, rather than recognising we’ve slipped up and using this as our motivation to get back on track.

Here we share our top 10 tips for getting back on track after a weekend/week/month of unhealthy eating

1. Drink water

Drinking enough water is key for weight loss in general, however after a weekend of eating junk food it is important to drink enough water to flush out any toxins and rehydrate yourself from salty food.

2. New recipes

It’s hard to get excited about your usual go-to weight loss recipes, so get creative. There are plenty of exciting healthy recipes to be found, start by taking some inspiration from our Pinterest or the recipes on our website.

3. Excuses

Work out what your excuses are and whether or not they are valid. If you don’t have the time to be healthy then you better find the time to be sick.

4. Eat breakfast

It is important to start your day right with a healthy, nutritional breakfast to fill you up and keep cravings at bay. An Ideal Weight bar can be a great solution if you often find yourself missing breakfast because you’re rushed in the mornings.

5. Don’t weigh yourself

After eating junk food you are likely to weight a lot more at first purely because the of water retention from the extra salt in your diet. Weighing yourself straight after a holiday may not be a good idea as you may find it de-motivating when you’re actual weight is less than the scales show.

6. Slow down

Training yourself to eat slowly and savour your food can help you to feel fuller at the end of a meal and stop you reaching for a sweet treat afterwards when you’ve eaten an adequate amount.

7. Stock up on healthy food

If you know that you are going to let yourself indulge on a holiday then make sure you plan ahead and arrange for a supermarket delivery of fresh produce, lean proteins and wholemeal grains to arrive when you get back so you have plenty of options for healthy meals rather than reaching for a takeaway menu because the cupboards are bare.

8. Track your food

Make yourself accountable by keeping a food diary. This will help you to look back at what you’ve eaten during the day and means you are less likely to mindlessly snack as you are conscious about tracking what you eat.

9. Plenty of fruit and veg

Upping your intake of fruit and vegetables is essential for a healthy eating routine. The fibre will make you feel fuller so fill your plate with plenty of low calorie greens!

10. Don’t skip meals

Whatever you do, don’t compensate a weekend of binge eating with a few days of not eating. This will not benefit you in the long run. If you fill yourself up with healthy choices you are more likely to sustain your diet. 


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