If your weight loss goal is to hit your target weight in time for holiday, it can be easy to forget to look past this point, which is why we’ll often find ourselves returning home with a little more excess baggage than we went away with. After all the hard work it takes to reach your goal of course you should allow yourself to relax and enjoy your holiday, however there are ways that you can still do this AND maintain your results.

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As soon as we reach the airport or make the first stop on the motorway we are in holiday mode. A full English breakfast on the morning of travelling whilst somewhat a British holiday goer’s tradition, is also setting yourself up for many more bad eating choices throughout your break. Plan your food well before you set off bringing plenty of healthy snacking options with you to avoid craving the other sugary or fatty foods on offer. Bear in mind that on your day travelling to and from your holiday you really are not burning enough whilst sat on transport to justify lots of treats. Find other things to amuse you on your journey instead of resorting to eating out of boredom.

Eating on Holiday

One of the best things about visiting a new place is trying the local cuisine and dining out socially with family and friends. We can often do this every night whilst on holiday without thinking anything of it. At home even eating out once is a big treat when on a diet and we are used to working even harder afterwards to make sure we stay on track, not eating out again the consecutive night!

Read the menu carefully

Where you can, try and pick one of the healthier options on the menu. Bear in mind that the way something is described to be cooked is likely to give you a clue about how many calories it will contain. For instance, anything that is pan-fried or roasted has probably been cooked in oil or butter. Pick steamed, boiled and grilled instead.

Beware of the buffet

If you are staying somewhere where buffet meals and BBQs are part of your package this can be a minefield for any dieter. Too much choice can leave us feeling overwhelmed and lead us to making rushed decisions. Be aware that whilst it may seem obvious which dishes are good and bad options, salads with lots of dressing or mayonnaise are not ‘good options’ just because they are better than fried foods. Keep at the front of your mind the portion sizes you are used to having at home. You don’t need to load your plate and make several trips just because the food is there.

Keep healthy snacks in your room

Another good tip is to fill your room with nutritional snacks from a local supermarket. Fruit, vegetables and nuts will be good things to turn to when you’re feeling peckish, making it easier to resist over eating at meal times.

Portable Ideal Weight Food

You can even take your Ideal Weight bars and shakes with you as portable on-the-go meals and snacks. If you have access to a kettle and microwave then our meals and soups are also suitable to be taken away with you, offering that little bit of support when you need it.

Keep Active

We’re not suggesting you head to the hotel gym every morning or go for lengthy runs on the beach, but there are plenty of ways to exercise whilst on holiday instead of spending the whole holiday lazing by the pool.

Walking round the local area exploring what your holiday destination has to offer may burn more calories than you’d expect – just make sure you stay hydrated.

Whether you choose to do a few lengths every day or just spend time relaxing and treading water, swimming is fantastic exercise. There may be other options to do water sports or outdoor activities where you are going, if this is something you enjoy then this is another great way to keep active without feeling like you’re purposefully exercising.

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