In 2012 I broke my foot, and then 1 year later I broke another foot. I put my weight gain down to being inactive because of my injuries and over the two years my weight crept up on me.

One day I realised that I was continually covering up the weight I had gained by wearing baggy clothes and made the decision to lose weight.

I was recommended to Ideal Weight by a friend who had lost a considerable amount of weight with Ideal Weight. She told me that she felt great; was feeling much fitter, healthier and had never once felt hungry.

I found it much easier than any other diet 

So I arranged to see an Ideal weight coach to find out more about the meal plans and the coaching sessions. My coach recommended a plan based on my BMI and my busy lifestyle. I started my journey with 3 plan which I found so much easier to follow than any other diet I had tried before. The nutrition packs were easy to prepare and made life so simple, and I was still able to eat normal food and join my family for an evening meal every day.

I would say that the coaching and support of my coach and fellow group members is about 90% responsible for my weight loss success. The coaching is invaluable and provides the support and encouragement needed to succeed.

I now have the skills I need to keep it off

I've learned so much about myself, which is not only helping me on my weight loss journey, but I know what I have learned will definitely help me to maintain my weight loss moving forward. Being on a diet can be a bit lonely, but sharing stories and listening to what other group members had to say was really helpful and kept me motivated.

I now know that it the past I have struggled with my weight because I didn't understand how food worked for me or the reasons why I ate what I did. I've learnt about portion control and the value of certain foods which will help me to maintain the weight I have lost. Most importantly, I now know why I over indulged in the past.

I fit into clothes I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be able to wear!

I've not reached the end of my journey yet but I feel great. I am able to buy clothes in smaller sizes and in styles that I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing in the past and I'm enjoying receiving compliments again.

Anyone thinking about losing weight should definitely contact Ideal Weight without delay. It's the best move I have ever made. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

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