I started my Ideal Weight journey on 3rd January 2013, weighing 17st 10lbs. I had struggled with my weight since I was 17 years old, going through stages of losing weight but always putting it back on (I had lost and gained 4st four times!) The decision to lose weight for good, came after I had a baby; I not only wanted to look good and feel good but I wanted to be fit and healthy for my little girl.

I had tried it all

I make no secret that I used to be a serial dieter, having tried many of the well-known diet plans that are out there. But when I tried Ideal Weight it was an incredibly different experience. Ideal Weight have a proper focus on behaviour change rather than offering a quick fix diet where results will only last for as long as the diet does. Many weight loss companies claim that they provide coaching but a quick chat when you go to collect your packs doesn’t compare to the support and teaching you gain on Ideal Weight’s programmes.

My light bulb moment

I started on the 4 plan to give myself a kick start and a bit of a detox and as my baby was 3 months old at this time it was OK for me to do this. For the first two months I didn’t really get into it, I was losing weight but it wasn’t until my coach helped me realise the underlying issues which were preventing me from losing weight, that my weight loss rocketed. I realised that I had been using food as a comforter to deal with the parts of my life I was unhappy with.

I’ve now maintained my Ideal Weight for 12 months!

Since I started Ideal Weight I have lost 4st 4lbs putting me only pounds away from my Ideal Weight – so still pretty ideal! The best thing about this achievement is that I have been maintaining my Ideal Weight for the last 12 months! I still use the Ideal Weight nutrition packs to maintain my weight, and the flexible way in which I can do this is perfect for me. Being a busy mum I don’t have time to sit down and look at healthy recipes and I’m often working away so I need food that is portable and allows me to be in control, which is why I'll always carry a few nutrition packs with me. 

Your coach is on your side

I have never been made to feel bad by my Ideal Weight coach like many other weight loss programmes have made me feel – on other plans I used to go for my weigh in then afterwards eat something unhealthy as if I was hiding what I was eating from my coach. With Ideal Weight there are no secrets and there doesn’t need to be as your coach is on your side and understands that it is your journey not theirs.

I thought I was too intelligent to be an emotional eater

What really impressed me is that all the coaches have a vast background in coaching and behaviour change and their main goal is to get to the psychological route of why you eat the way you do. I think before I started Ideal Weight, I almost thought I was too intelligent to be an emotional eater but my coach helped me to properly understand the concept of comfort food – if I want more food it might be because there’s something else going on.

Ideal Weight has transformed my life

If someone was to ask me how Ideal Weight has changed my life I could never quite explain the impact it has had. I have a brand new life. I’ve started online dating feeling confident about putting pictures up of myself, I look forward to looking in the mirror, I can shop in any shop and choose what I want to wear not just what fits, I feel confident to get on a dance floor and dance, I can wear heels to work without putting pressure on my joints and the other day I even got called a MILF!

A whole new way of thinking

Ideal Weight is quite different to anything you’ll ever try. We all know what we should be doing to try and lose weight but we have so many unpractised skills which we just don’t learn through collecting our packs and being sent on our way. If you are really ready to tackle your weight and make your life better, than Ideal Weight is the plan for you. I used to feel tormented by food but now I realise that food is just food, it has no power, it won’t make your day better or worse. It’s a whole new way of thinking.

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